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Election Manifesto

1. Land for Everyone
  • To issue 3 cents land with registration to all landless citizens.
2. Foreign Loan Repayment Policy
  • Liquidation of all existing loans through world bank projects.
3. Reviving Education Sector
  • Job Oriented Educational System.
  • All Graduation will convert to skill based till noon.
  • After Noon- Compulsory Job to above 18 ages.
  • 18+ years compulsory job for everyone with 33% PF from the Govt., 33% from Employer, and 33% from Employee.
  • Education /Job; Merit based for skill – National open database for skill based qualified people
  • Woman Empowerment - Skill based education to home makers (Make in Home Project) non working women to make them independent.
  • District level university colleges for 100 universities selected by the parliament
  • Education: School Level School students have to compulsorily the following 3 subjects in the curriculum. 1-Farming, 2-Entrepreneurship, 3-Safety
  • Education will upgrade to International Baccalaureate (IB’s) standard
  • Minimum Job Pay will be doubled from the current and ensure it to at least 25crore families and 100 crore people
  • Monitoring of workers in Industries withSim cards and electronic chip enabled uniforms and accessories.
4. National Safety
  • India’s biggest wall will construct with laser surveillance. So that all trespassing will get cancelled.
5. Health Aids
  • Free check up and treatment in all over India.
  • Youth Health- Nation’s Wealth
6. Start up “KAMADENU”
  • Credit Card to all Adults and startup loan up to 1 lakh from Mentoring Houses.
  • Can Run any Franchisees or own innovation.
7. Panchayat Banks
  • Banking at root level in every panchayat, for rural citizens
8. Agriculture
  • Allot rent free land upto 5 acres to farmers.
  • Sale of crops only via Government with maximum benefits to Farmers .
  • Pincode markets to sell the corps, and distribute pesticides, farming aids and free food products.
  • Government engage directly in export of crops for the farmers.
9 . 193cc – Foreign Policy.
  • Bring other Country Leaders, Investors and Policymakers to India and arrange 29+ 7UTs State Centre programs to improve the relationship with other countries and India’s Economic Infrastructure.
  • Conduct Business Excellence Awards for 3125 business category & 1000+ skill category award ceremony in District,state National levelIn every year minimum 12 events with international leaders to improve the growth of skilled people and entrepreneurs.
10 . People Representative .
  • No salary for MLA/ M.P.s, only TA/DA/FA. Their Benefit will be the percentage of established government projects’ Fund utilisation. Politics is a service to the Public.
  • Salary needed for officials who have I.A.S, I.P.S.
11. Systematic India – New Name.
12. Cultural & Science Policy;
  • Establish Hindu Club, Christian club, Muslim Club, Clubs for all religions & castes , smokers club, drinkers club.
  • Science knowledge center in all religious institutions.
  • Science Clubs for children.
13. Existing legal Matters (religious);
  • All issues related to religion and caste will settle with Special court by the government.
14. Harthal
  • Prior Booking of harthal to be done by paying Rs 50crore for conducting harthals, if any loss happens to public and business people will be settled by the party who is initiating harthal.
  • If more fund to be compensated in damages, party & NGO has to pay else their registration will cancel.
15. Welfare of Senior Citizens
  • Food & Shelter for all senior citizens who don't have anyone to look after.
  • Flight charting to each and every citizen to fulfill their ambition to travel in flights
16. Natural Resource- Conservations
  • Flora & Fauna to protect the biodiversity of plants, trees, herbs etc as well as animals an environmental bill will be passed.
  • Artificial Forestations to improve the biodiversity. Actions to protect the existing biodiversity
17. Green India
  • Will ban plastic completely and encourage the use of biodegradable products
18. Legal
  • Everyone engage in Child harassment /Rapist, proven by the court, - imprisonment with punishment by disbling sexulaity, mobility after that sentencing to Death.
19. Public Relations- Media/News
  • All government advertisement will equally divide among each and every media company.
20. Revision in Tax Policy
  • Gst will part into three - SGST, CGST & DGST (district GST).
  • These funds will allocate into three different Sectors of Project implementation.
  • 25% of all donations collected in the name of caste, religion and Spiritual Leader’s as income (Tax).
  • This will be applicable for NGOs, Trusts & NPOs.
21 . Languages for Development
  • 1000+ trainers will be invited from US, UK and deploy in every district to implement training centres for improving English.Educate citizens to make them understand the importance of english language.
  • Empower more rural people from South India, as well as rural areas of North Estern India in using Hindi language, special training centres will be implemented for Hindi training also.
22. Gross root level- Talent hunt
  • Sports training centers in every district of India.
23 . Holidays
  • No holidays in 48 days and all holidays will be celebrated in 12 days . No special day for holidays the 12 days will celebrate local, national and regional holidays and days.
24.Nations Economy
  • India is the 6th wealthiest country according to world wealth record, and we aim is to make 1st wealthiest country in the world through 50% PPP project in the global exchange
25. 193 country consortium
  • Open membership for CFO's,CEO & MD's of Indian and International Countries
26.Government policy
  • Relevant policies will be made by the government in the International level, national level & state level. Like a policy for the Pricing for all FMCG products by government. Special Acts for the safety of women, children, old citizens & transgender Public request will accept to make amendments in laws act. IPC, IMA expect advice from world leaders; USA & UK
27. Government schemes Online
  • Bring all government schemes in one website so that all schemes will be open to them. No hidden agenda can be worked out, by the middlemen.
28. Citizen’s Chat
  • Suggestion Box for the following age groups; 0-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51-60, 61-80, 81- Death special time slots will be allowed for these age groups,Prime Minister will attend these sessions for 4Hours
29.Investments in Youth Technology
  • World Research Centre will be installed in every state capital.
  • World research centre- will select talents in almost all age groups after a skill test and admit to research institutions.
30. Transportation
  • Public auto, bus, taxi, flights, cars are like uber / ola bring all means of transportation under the system of government.
  • Remove shops from roadsides, which will reduce accidents and keep special market areas only for shops.
31. Television & Computers of Govt Brand
  • with a 50% subsidy for everyone.
32. Tourism development in India
  • Heritages and historic places will add in world tourism map and make tour packages district, state, national level for Indian and foreigners.
  • Improve Tourist attractions, by promoting major residential festivals, new festivals will be major historic art & cultural promotions.
33. Space India
  • Space research new projects with international collaboration
34. Entrepreneurship
  • District centers for business people in every district with minimum office capacity for 100 businesses.
  • Incubation Centres District wise for the development of new entrepreneurs
  • Centralised system for every business person.
35. Building Leaders and Upgradation of Quality Standards of Organizations
  • Will implement ISO standard in every government enterprises and local self government.
36. Export / Import Policy
  • Improve Export: Import ratio by improving the production of materials in India itself.
  • India will become No.1 in the export rate for all products.
  • Government will extend help for exporting the products which are highly exported by other countries like USA, Canada etc.
37."Peace City"
  • For orphan kids, widows and old age people.
38 . Privatization of Alcohol
  • And double the prices of alcohol.
  • Govt. will start production of Alcohol and takes control of it.
39 . Special place for strikes
  • Special place for strikes in every State Capital
  • Any Activities on roads and public places to be done through the prior approval from the Police and Local Self governments.
40. New currency notes
  • 1000,10000,50000,100000 new currency notes will issue in India.
41. Indians literacy
  • Indians literacy is 71.2% improve it to 99% on high priority.
42. Life Expectancy
  • 68.8 yrs- improve it to 85 yrs by effective medical implementation (nutrition & medical support)
43. Nation Leader
  • Now India has two leaders Head of State: President, Head of Govt: Prime Minister,
  • Head of Nation : India's most influential person with highest support. New responsibilities to Head of Nation
44. GDP Economy
  • Now, GDP per capita is $ 7200 and will improve it to $ 60000 . If we implement those planned projects.
45 . "Bhetta Ya Bheti"-
  • One child for 1 parents . For 1 additional kid, per Kid kid- sponsor 2 orphan kids, else pay equivalent amount to govt:
46 . Terrorism
  • All PM, Presidents from every countries a panel will form and form committee to stop terrorism by voting.
47 . Disaster Management
  • Climate change - New agency implement weather & environmental monitoring
48 . International Business
  • World workplace in every country by India's initiative with infrastructure of minimum 100 offices.
49 . Preservation of Rivers
  • Build more dams, to protect major and maintain water level. Forestation & Farming by government funds.
50. Technology implementations in Agriculture/ Industry
  • Current farmers, industrialists will get help the existing business to improve to double through technology implementation.
51. Nations’ HERITAGE
  • Special scheme to protect states ancient bodies, and hereditary culture.
52 .Business Center
  • Like NCT, every state and district border territory turn to business centers. So that it will develop the every nook and corner.
53 . Encourage reading
  • Encourage reading among people. Autobiography, biography, drama.
54. Counseling centers
  • Counseling centers in every pin code with counselors government to hear people’s issues and motivate them to normal life.
55. Record telephone calls
  • All telephonic conversations will be recorded and used for nation’s defence
56.Consumer Complaint
  • Consumer Complaint (consumer) forums district level.
57. Compulsory Military Service to all Indian Citizens (1year)
  • Army, Navy CRPF (jawan) - 1 year farming is compulsory in their service. So that after retirement more javans turn to kisans.
58. Non Conventional Energy “ Solar Energy ”
  • Highest electrical production by solar systems in fields
59 . Ban online game
  • Ban online game with live commands like GPS, street usage permission by security.
60 . Government Control Pharmaceutical / drugs manufacturing
  • Government Control Pharmaceutical / drugs manufacturing only by the Government
61. Government Control Internet and social media
  • Government Control Internet and social media Regulatory Authority (New) will setup.
62. Government Control in Petroleum
  • Government Control in Petroleum and other conventional energy resources.